Extreme Health Library eBook Bundle Sale!

Wow! I didn’t get my act together to write a book for this Nourished Living Network project, but I’m super-impressed with the wealth of information that made it into this collection of new eBooks & resources!

Extreme Health Library Sale

Extreme Health Library Sale – $835.32 value for just $39.97! BUY NOW!

Many of these books are NEW! Only two of them have been previously sold as a part of a bundle. This is the ultimate bundle of eBooks for anyone interested in gluten-free, real food, natural living. GAPS folks will be especially interested in the MTHFR related products, Broth: Elixer of Life book from Patty, and the Baking with Coconut Flour book by Starlene!

From recovering from depression to detoxifying your home, dealing with aging, cancer, diabetes, and the common cold, these books are an increadible resource for those of us interested in a natural approach. Don’t miss your chance to get this deal – it’s on for 10 days only!

Extreme Health Library Sale

Extreme Health Library Sale – $835.32 value for just $39.97! BUY NOW!

Titles by Category

Health Recovery

  • Introduction to MTHFR by Ben Lynch N.D., (80 minutes; $50)
  • MTHFR Blueprint by MTHFRSupport. (24 pages; $14.99)
  • A Fibromyalgia Recovery Story: Eating Outside The Box by Christy Pooschke. (50 minutes; $14.95).
  • A MTHFR Manifesto by the Probiotic Police and Natural Peacekeepers by Folate Girl. (8 pages; priceless parody)
  • Adrenal Fatigue Solutions – 90 Day Plan to Improve Adrenal Function by Pat Robinson. (127 pages, $59)
  • Aging: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies by Sayer Ji. (131 pages; $29.99)
  • Cancer Isn’t a Death Sentence – It’s a Life Changing Opportunity by Marcia Schaefer, D.C. (115 pages; $29.99)
  • Essential Elements of Whole Health by Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC. (110 pages; $49)
  • Holistic Approaches in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus by Todd Caldecott, Dip. Cl.H., RH(AHG). (22 pages: $17.99)
  • Infertility: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies by Sayer Ji. (34 pages; $9.99)
  • Practical Guide to Children’s Health (Excerpt) by Kate Tietje. (28 pages; Bonus)
  • Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide, Including Depression in Pregnancy and Postpartum by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. and Annell Mavrantonis, M.D. (200 pages; $19.97)
  • Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom by Tracy McCullough. (116 pages; $29)

Cooking & Baking with Real Food

  • 7 Habits of a Gluten-Free Warrior by Peter Osborne. (90 minutes; $19.95)
  • Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals by Lydia Mama Shatney. (104 pages; $14.95)
  • 100 Days of Real Food Challenge by Lisa Leake. (73 pages; Bonus)
  • A Healthy Soda by Donna Schwenk. (9 minutes; $6.99)
  • Baking With Coconut Flour by Starlene Stewart. (63 pages; $18.95)
  • Broth: Elixir Of Life by Patricia Lacoss-Arnold. (59 pages; $8.99)
  • Eat More Leafy Greens by Cynthia Lair. (20 pages; $6.99)
  • Family-Friendly Allergen-Free Menu Planner by KerryAnn Foster. (41 pages; $16.95)
  • Lacto-Fermentation by Wardee Harmon. (155 pages; $20)
  • Quinoa Fit by Wendy Polisi. (156 pages; $8.99)
  • Simply Sourdough by Melissa Naasko. (30 pages; $2.99)
  • The Everything Beans Book by Katie Kimball. (95 pages; $8.95)
  • The Five Flavors of Food by Lisa Mase. (4 pages; Bonus)
  • Traditional Soup Workshop with Whole Grain Gluten-Free Muffin Cookbook Bonus by Kimi Harris. (29 pages; 58 minutes of video; $30)

Natural Remedies

  • Herbal Remedies for Children During the Cold and Flu Season by Rosalee de la Forêt. (88 pages; $20)
  • Homeopathy for Childhood Illnesses by Miranda Castro. (10 pages; Bonus)
  • Introduction to Energy Healing by Tracy Liebmann. (24 pages and video resources; $18)
  • Introduction to Flower Essences by Amy Hendrickson. (12 pages; $10.)
  • Introduction to Tree Medicines by Darcey Blue French. (38 pages; $19.99)
  • Listen to the Ancient Mother Wisdom by Kimberly Crail. (23 pages; $10)
  • Mother’s Little Herbal Helper And Home Remedies by Natalie Vickery. (116 pages; $12.50)
  • Natural Beauty Recipes by Katie (Wellness Mama). (37 pages; $10)
  • Numen: The Healing Power of Plants A Resource Guide by Numen. (37 pages; $12)
  • Of Thorn and Petal: The Remedy in the Rose by Kiva Rose. (50 pages; $9.99)
  • Practical Herbs by Henriette Kress. (150 pages; $9.50)
  • Salves Made Simple by Jennifer Saleem. (41 pages, $9.95)
  • Wildly Natural Skin Care Oils by Michelle Czolba. (29 pages, $17)

Healthy Living

  • Detoxifying Your Home – Inside and Out by Dawn Lorenz. (25 pages; $9.99)
  • Common Sense Health: Detox, Diet and Physical Activities by Laurie Neverman. (40 pages; $8.99)
  • Car Seats: The Deadliest Parenting Decision by Guggie Daly. (7 pages; Bonus)
  • Detoxifying Your Home – Inside and Out by Dawn Lorenz. (25 pages; $9.99)
  • Nourishing Our Children: Timeless Principles by Nourishing Our Children. (97 pages; $20)
  • Off The Shelf by Kris Bordessa. (43 pages, $7)
  • Spring Cleansing – The Local Way by Jennifer Steinbachs, ND. (9 pages; $9.97)
  • Stress Relief for Parents by Genevieve Simperingham. (50 minutes; $25)
  • The New Health Paradigm by Anthony Gucciardi. (99 pages; $19.97)
  • The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Sustainable Food by Raine Saunders. (121 pages; $24)
  • The Whole Foods Revelation by France Morissette. (102 pages; $19.95)
  • Thrifty Food Plan Experience by Millie Copper. (67 pages; $8.95)
  • Understanding The Right-Brained Child by Cindy Gaddis. (70 minutes; $8)
  • Whispers from The Universe: 30 EFT Scripts for Feeling Great by Deborah Donndelinger. (48 pages, demonstration videos; $25)
Extreme Health Library Sale

Extreme Health Library Sale – $835.32 value for just $39.97! BUY NOW!

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