The Way to Go - Get a Squatty Potty!

As a frugal type, I scoffed when I first heard of the Squatty Potty.

The bamboo squatty potty, heels down position.

The bamboo Squatty Potty is attractive and works in a small space.

It wasn’t that squatting to poo is a bad idea. If you’ve ever taken care of a toddler, you know that’s the natural way to go. If you’ve given it a try as an adult, you know it unkinks your innards and makes everything easier.

No, it wasn’t the health benefits I was scoffing at. It was the idea of spending money on something I didn’t really need.

After all, if I wanted to use a stool I could just pull one up, and if I wanted to squat, well, I’m pretty acrobatic. I could balance on the toilet seat.

Since we moved, that had gotten a bit more dangerous thanks to a different bathroom layout. I was still skeptical, though, because when you squat your weight is on your feet and the squat is a lot deeper than just putting your feet up.

Squatty Potty was kind enough to send me one to try & review, so I gave it a shot. Now I’m sold!

The bamboo squatty potty, in the heels down position.

The bamboo squatty potty, in the heels down position.

The first thing that sets a Squatty Potty apart from a regular stool is that it fits perfectly around a toilet. We have a low toilet and got the 9 inch (taller) Squatty Potty, and it still fits. When space is at a premium as ours is, this is a big deal. There is no place in our bathroom for a regular stool without creating a major tripping hazard! But the Squatty Potty is totally unobtrusive. When you want to use it, you pull it out slightly. When you are done, just push it back.

Next, the stool is angled. We got the bamboo model, and when you assemble it you get to choose which way it slopes. We tried out the heels down method first, but decided the toe down configuration is better. It makes for a deeper squat.

Balancing on the toilet to squat required quite a bit of energy. Not everyone has the flexibility, size, and balance for that! The Squatty Potty allows you to sit with your feet up, totally relaxed. This makes everything work better. The squatting position also makes, um, personal clean-up easier!

I hope you’ll use my affiliate link to purchase a Squatty Potty and see what you think. Their website explains all the reasons to choose a squatting position. I think you’ll love it!

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