Soft & Cozy Non-toxic Dryer Sachet Giveaway

Herbal Dryer Sachets from Soft and Cozy

Herbal Dryer Sachets from Soft and Cozy

For years now I’ve watched Jasie stitch together these sweet dryer sachets from vintage fabrics at the Oregon Homeschoolers’ Chautauqua.

Little did I know, she had a whole etsy store full of non-toxic, handmade products. Well, the secret is out and I want to share her dryer sachets with you!

I hope you’ll enter to win, then scroll down and read more! We’ll tell you why we love Soft & Cozy, and why it’s so important to use naturally scented products!

Hand-stitched Dryer Sachets from Soft & Cozy

Hand-stitched Dryer Sachets from Soft & Cozy

I never used scented stuff in the first place. My family didn’t have the money for it and none of us much liked it anyway. I always felt nauseous and got headaches from artificially scented products.

TinyHands, on the other hand, grew up in a world of scents. She had scented candles, wall plug ins, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets. As an adult, she didn’t realize that her clothes didn’t need dryer sheets until she was too broke to buy them. That was the tipping point and she finally ditched all the scented products in her life. (Shampoo was the last hold out).

Ditch the Toxins!

Repurposed Fabric Dryer Sachets from Soft & Cozy

Repurposed Fabric Dryer Sachets from Soft & Cozy

Once all the artificial scents are out of the picture your senses come alive! Smell and taste are both better, and symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nausea that can be caused by chemical sensitivities disappear.

Turns out, not only do artificial scents make you feel bad and deaden your senses, they’re also toxic! A recent study by the University of Washington found volatile organic compounds such as acetone and acetaldehyde in dryer vent emissions from dryers using scented dryer sheets and laundry detergent.

Bring Back the Pleasure

Getting rid of artificial scents doesn’t mean you have to smell bad or give up all the scents you love! Jasie’s dryer sachets smell wonderful, naturally! They are made from repurposed fabrics, and are filled with dried lavender and mint. I normally hate the chore, but now folding laundry is a pleasure because of the soothing, natural scent! We hang our laundry on the line when the weather is nice – if you do, too, just stash the sachets in your drawers! Then, when the weather turns use them in the dryer again.

Sweet Dryer Sachets from Jasie at Soft & Cozy

Sweet Dryer Sachets from Jasie at Soft & Cozy

This comes as no surprise to people striving to reclaim their health with GAPS! Dr. Natasha makes it very clear that it’s not just the diet – everything we are exposed to has an effect on our bodies and minds. The GAPS protocol includes a detoxification protocol. A big part of detox is avoiding toxins in the first place!

Using naturally scented products actually invigorates your senses rather than deadening them, without all the toxic side effects. I hope you’ll enter to win your dryer sachets, tell your friends about them, and go check out the bath bombs, coasters, and garlands in the Soft & Cozy etsy shop!

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3 comments to Soft & Cozy Non-toxic Dryer Sachet Giveaway

  • I haven’t used fabric softener in years & miss it terribly! I’d love 2 win these 2 try them out & then learn how 2 make them 4 myself.

  • Paula

    I’ve been staying clear of fabric softeners as well due to the chemicals. I would love to win these adorable sachets by Jasie that I can feel safe using .. and I really do miss scents. We’ve just renovated our laundry room, and these would be a great treat!

  • Michelle

    It’s amazing how much I’ve changed my laundry routine in the past 5 months since I became a cloth diapering mama of twins. These would go perfect with my new and improved wash routine. 🙂

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