Healing Gardens

See before and after pictures of our (in progress) front yard installation, which incorporates natives, edibles, and stormwater management.

It’s well-known that patients in hospitals who have access to or views of gardens heal faster and have a happier outlook. We believe that home gardens can have the same kinds of effects for all of us.

Whether you have room for a couple pots in the window, or you would like to landscape a large lot, we can come up with a garden design that will bring you joy all year round.
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The Design Process

Corner lot design

See examples of drafted designs.

If you decide to go forward with a garden, you’ll meet with Mama. She will talk with you about how you currently use your landscape, what you would like to get out of your garden, how you will interact with the garden, what your aesthetics are, and what plants you enjoy.

Once she has a good idea of what you are looking for and how the garden can support your lifestyle, she will accurately measure your site and assess special conditions. From this Mama will draft a to-scale base map and concept plan, which includes sketches on tracing paper.

When the concept plan is complete, she’ll present it to you, along with plant photos and other pictures that illustrate aspects of the design. You’ll discuss the plans and make changes. Then Mama will take the feedback you’ve given and create a final drafted planting plan and plant list for you.

View before and after pictures of the installation at two Habitat For Humanity homes.

This plan can be used by you or any licensed landscape contractor to accurately install your landscape!

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of your site. One third of the total is due at signing, one third is due at the concept plan meeting, and one third is due at completion.

Maintenance Services

After - Side yard

See before and after pictures from this dramatic yard clean up.

Gardens can take a lot of work, and we’re here to help! We can do one time clean-ups (we’ll bid the job) including mulching, serious weeding, pruning, mowing, and hauling off debris.

If you would like organic, low-fuel use maintenance services on an ongoing basis, let us know and we’ll evaluate your needs and write up an annual contract with low monthly payments. We’re happy to mow small lawns with our reel push-mowers, mulch beds, prune shrubs and small trees, rake up debris, water, compost, weed, and plant and harvest vegetables for you – among other things!


Mama’s been gardening organically for food for almost 15 years, and loves connecting people to the dirt! She’s led garden parties for the Urban Farm Collective, has led her Camp Fire youth in wild-life restoration plantings with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, and has pulled invasive plants with SOLV.

Mama holds the Permaculture Design Certification, and an AAS degree in Landscape Technology and Certificates in Landscape Management and Construction, from Portland Community College.

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