Of Leeks and Bees

Leek blossoms with honey bees

So many leeks!

We planted leeks in our garden a few years ago and neglected to harvest all of them. A small gardening “mistake” has turned into a gardening boon! Now, we let them flower and set seed every year because their blooms are so gorgeous. They come up like weeds all over the place! As an added bonus, they attract honey bees and native bees like crazy. With all the talk of colony collapse disorder, I’m so glad that we’ve seen so many honey bees this year!
Leek blossoms with dahlias

A leek peaks from behind some dahlias.

Leeks, as a member of the allium family, may repel pests in the garden.They are believed to repel aphids, carrot flies, weevils, moles, and others.

The blooms also look great in arrangements. Our dahlias have been going crazy this year and bringing the flowers in the house is a lift!

The beautiful part of gardening is that we can make mistakes and be a little lazy and we still end up with something wonderful. What about you? What gardening mistakes have turned out to be great decisions?

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