Transforming Leftovers – Rabbit Pesto Sauté & Carrot Ginger Soup

Rabbit with Pesto, Broccolini, and Fennel-Strawberry Salad

Rabbit with Pesto, Broccolini, and Fennel-Strawberry Salad

The other night we had a truly delightful sit-down dinner of roasted rabbit with nettle-walnut pesto, spring fennel & strawberry salad, and broccolini. So the next day when I got home after dark, exhausted from hours of driving people here and there, who could blame me for wanting to use up what was left of it?

Lucky for me, when TinyHands made the pesto, she froze a few jars for later and, contrary to popular opinion, one rabbit really does outlast one meal!

Rabbit Sautee with Carrot & Ginger Soup

Three dishes combine for one perfect supper!

I took out some of the roasted rabbit and chopped it into 1/2 inch pieces. Then I chopped up the 2 stalks of broccolini that I’d cooked in ghee and threw that in the pan with the rabbit. I found one last roasted tomato. I lightly sautéed the combination, then stirred in a couple tablespoons of the pesto.

In another pot, I heated up the left-over carrot-ginger soup from a few days ago. I paired it with a little glass of dry white wine, and enjoyed my perfect late-night supper for a quiet evening.

Carrot Ginger Rabbit Nettle Soup

Same ingredients, new taste!

The next day, I gave the same ingredients one last twist. I diced up the last of the rabbit and some fresh nettles, then added them to the last of the carrot-ginger soup, and garnished with home-made yogurt. Creating new textures and accenting the flavors differently made it a whole new experience.

If you want ideas of how to make innovative dishes out of what you have around the house, post it as a Meal Where My Mouth Is Challenge and we’ll give you some ideas!

This post is part of Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food Wednesday and This Week’s Cravings, Sunday Night Soup Night.

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