Pepper & Garlic Broiled Rib Steak

Rib Steak with Garlic and Black Pepper

Don't worry, I didn't eat this all by myself! TinyHands and I shared.

What’s more satisfying than a gorgeous rib steak? An affordable, grass-fed, locally grown rib steak! We have the luxury of pasture-raised steak on a regular basis, since we bought a whole cow at once.

Here’s an easy way to cook it up.

rib steak
black pepper
ghee or other saturated fat

Directions: If it’s frozen defrost your steak. Turn the oven on to Broil. Chop the garlic finely, and rub the salt, garlic, fresh ground pepper, and ghee all over your steak. Heat a cast iron pan on the stove top. Sear each side of the steak for about one minute. This helps seal in the juices and also prevents the steak from bubbling up under the broiler. Transfer the steak to your broiling pan, and place about 4 inches under the broiler. Check at about 4 minutes. When the top side is looking good, flip the steak gently with a pair of tongs. Return to the broiler for another 4 minutes or so. Depending on the thickness of your steak and the degree of doneness you like, you may want to broil it longer.

We served it up with the leftover onions carrots from last week’s rosemary pot roast, avocado, and sauerkraut (not pictured).

People in the intro will want to avoid the caramelized bits.

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