To the Beach!

A couple weeks ago we went to the Oregon Coast for a few days to visit TinyHands’s grandma. Even small trips like this always take quite a bit of planning and preparation in order for us to maintain our diet!

Beautiful day at the coast!

TinyHands packed us up – this is the food we brought:

Day 1

We made a substantial breakfast of soufflés for breakfast before leaving town.

We had chicken soup with carrots and broccoli for lunch, and borscht for dinner. Of course, with every meal we had some sauerkraut as well.

Day 2

At the Newport Aquarium

We scrambled up eggs with kale for breakfast. Since we were heading out for the day, we heated up the rest of the chicken soup, adding a few more vegetables, and packed it in thermoses. We drove to the Newport Aquarium, a couple of hours away. We were so hungry by the time we got there that we ate our soup in the car before going in.

After a few hours of fun, we headed back to Grandma’s, ready for TinyHands’s birthday dinner. In anticipation, she had roasted beef in the crock pot a couple days before and packed it up. We made it a meal by adding mashed cauliflower, winter squash, and sauerkraut.

Dessert was a special treat for TinyHands’s birthday – almond muffins with orange curd topping! We hadn’t had any sweets like that for months, so it was a very special treat, indeed. Amazingly, the only sugar involved was a bit of fresh squeezed orange juice and honey.

Day 3

Collecting mussels

We scrambled eggs and greens again for breakfast, and then went out to gather mussels for our lunch!

We had our permit in order, and the Oregon Shellfish Safety Hotline said we were safe, so we went down to Hug Point and collected mussels!

We didn't bother cutting all the barnacles off. They were delicious anyway!

We didn't bother cutting all the barnacles off. They were delicious anyway!

Prying them off the rocks took some doing, but we’d brought leather gloves and we all got into it. Next time, I think we’ll bring pocket knives for cutting the hairs they attach themselves to the rocks with as well. We got lucky with perfect weather, so we got to enjoy a couple hours on the beach after taking as many mussels as we could eat.

Mussels take some cleaning and scrubbing prior to cooking. We didn’t bother getting all the barnacles off of ours before cooking them, but that’s what the restaurants do. We just scrubbed them, popped them in a pot with a bit of water in the bottom, and cooked them until they opened, revealing their bright orange meat. Add a bit of ghee and this simple dish was delicious!

The best part about all these meals is they were good enough to share! Grandma enjoyed them all.

Grandma Irene and Bella

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