Dry Skin Brushing & My Sensational Skin

People in the Sensory Processing Disorder world refer to their kids as “sensational.” Well, I may be full-grown, but they could be talking about me! So many things annoy me. Sometimes I know exactly what it is, other times it’s a low-level frustration that makes me irritable and irrational. Sounds like people chewing, electronics humming, and vacuums drive me crazy. I get overwhelmed by clutter and things that don’t line up visually. I guard myself against smells. Chemical scents and air fresheners are especially bad, but even lovely flowers can overpower me.

Dry Skin Brush Head - Natural Bristles

I took the dry skin brushing challenge - have you?

Then there are the tactile issues. I grew up here in Portland, OR. Layers aren’t just a fashion choice, they are a necessity thanks to our damp, ever-changing weather. I made it into my thirties before I could force myself to wear layers, because I couldn’t stand the feeling of clothes rubbing against each other or not lining up exactly. Unfortunately, I’m also extra sensitive to cold, so I didn’t like to spend much time outside as a kid.

Lots of other things bother me, too, like shoelaces that aren’t tied exactly the same on each foot, to the exact right level of tightness. Hoods on sweaters hanging behind me make my neck hurt. Blankets that are heavier on one side will keep me up all night. A twisted strap or scratchy tag will send me over the edge. I don’t like taking showers, baths, or washing my hands and face, because of the way water feels on my skin before it’s completely dried off. I panic when clay dries on my skin.

I’ve gotten better at identifying what’s bothering me and dealing with it. I do bathe regularly, wear clothes, and garden despite the water, dirt, layers of clothes, and cold! But that doesn’t stop the 24×7 irritation I experience. The GAPS diet has reduced my sensitivity a bit and increased my coping skills a lot, but I still am not cured. When I started dry skin brushing, a lovely thing happened. My tactile sensory integration issues started to get even better! You can read all about how I dry skin brush on Divine Health from the Inside Out!

Lydia at Divine Health is hosting a Dry Skin Brushing Challenge Have you tried dry skin brushing? What has it been like for you?

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