Egyptian Mummy Reveals Awful Truth

How’s that for a Weekly World News headline!

The American medical community wants us to believe that heart disease is a modern invention. Our hearts are failing because we’re sedentary. We eat too much sugar and meat. We smoke and we’re stressed out. To beat heart disease, we need to get more exercise! Quit smoking! Quit stressing! Eat less sugar! Cut out meat!

Let’s look at the Egyptians. They got plenty of exercise. Refined sugar hadn’t been invented yet. They ate very little meat and, since tobacco is a New World plant, didn’t smoke. They couldn’t have had heart disease.

In a recent NPR article, Egyptian Mummies Diagnosed with Clogged Arteries, a group of scientists studying a mummy found she had atherosclerosis. Her diet? According to Dr. Greg Thomas, a member of the research group, “their diet consisted mostly of grains, fruits and vegetables.” Mostly of grains. Huh.

Pass the butter.

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