Whole Cranberry Sauce with Variations

This sauce is still warm - let it cool and it will set more solidly.

This sauce is still warm – let it cool and it will set more solidly.

This whole berry cranberry sauce bears no resemblance to the stuff from a can. I’m sure you could make that, too, but it’s not the way I like it.

The first time I made whole berry cranberry sauce of my own I was hooked! It’s fast, pretty, and impressive! You can also mix it up with the variations I’ve included below or invent your own!

Basic Cranberry Sauce

If you stop stirring it’ll bubble up like crazy!

Ingredients 1 lb whole cranberries, fresh … Continue reading Whole Cranberry Sauce with Variations

Fermented Dragon Tongue Beans

This Fido full of beans is ready for a dark cupboard! The purple will fade and the liquid will turn pink!

This Fido full of beans is ready for a dark cupboard! The purple will fade and the liquid will turn pink!

Just about any vegetable can be lactofermented! This nothing to do with milk, although some people do like to kickstart their vegetable ferments with whey (here’s why we don’t). Instead, it’s all about the lactobacillus bacteria, which convert the sugars into lactic acid. The salt used in the brine makes an environment that’s inhospitable to other bacteria, the vessel you use keeps air and contaminants out, and the acid created by the lactobacillus preserves the food, creating pickles!

Fermented … Continue reading Fermented Dragon Tongue Beans

Lactofermented Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Pepper season is on its way out but we want to enjoy them as long as possible! We’ve been missing hot sauce, so we thought we’d give a lactofermented version a try. A little inspiration from The Nourished Kitchen and a trip to the farmer’s market got us started. We also made a sweet version of this sauce – the peppers change, the technique stays the same!

Remember when handling peppers, even ones that don’t seem to have much heat, that it’s a good idea to wear gloves! Making contact with *any* mucous membranes even many hours later … Continue reading Lactofermented Hot Sauce

Poblano Dip

Poblano Dip with Beef Tongue

Poblano Dip with Beef Tongue

Peppers are one of my very favorite vegetables. But we really only eat them when they’re in season. For one thing, they’re expensive, and for another, we like to eat organic peppers from local fields rather than the hot houses.

Peppers are allowed on GAPS early on – however, our family decided to wait before introducing any nightshades (tomato, eggplant, peppers, potatoes) because they are often considered inflammatory. With Kid2’s joint problems, we didn’t want to take our chances. But after about 6 months on GAPS we started occasionally eating them and fortunately for … Continue reading Poblano Dip

Roasted Garlic

Sweet, soft roasted garlic

Sweet, soft roasted garlic

Have you roasted garlic? It’s really easy, and the long, slow cooking mellows the flavor.

This year we grew a whole lot of garlic, some of it elephant garlic. But the elephant garlic was really strong, with a bitter note. The cloves were also so big that I ended up not wanting to use each clove all at once. Then I’d be left with an unpeeled, half-used clove. So I decided to roast it!

Prepping the Garlic

I’ve had fun using the roasted garlic in other recipes, blending them into soups, mixing them in with ground … Continue reading Roasted Garlic

Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing

Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing at The Liberated Kitchen

I used to love to eat at Red Robin. Every burger comes with bottomless steak fries and your choice of a myriad of dipping sauces. I always went with their honey mustard poppy seed dressing. Tangy, sweet, and creamy combined with greasy and salty? Oh, man. Let’s not talk about the ingredients in that honey mustard salad dressing except to say that it is chemical sludge. Delicious, delicious chemical sludge with hundreds of unpronounceable ingredients. And I missed every one of them. Excuse me while I wipe a little drool off my chin…

I’ve been working on my Real Food … Continue reading Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing

Lima Beans in the Dip?

Garlic Rosemary Lima Bean Dip

I knew I’d have some extra kids around yesterday so I decided to make bean dip. Carrots, celery, and beans are a cheap way to feed kids! Usually I’d have dried tomatoes or pesto to put in, but we’ve run out until tomatoes and basil are back in season. This time I had to make do with less exciting ingredients. I’m happy to say my lima bean hating friend ate some happily, and said I can tell you all she’d have never guessed it was made of the dreaded lima beans. The kids were not discerning. I have no idea … Continue reading Lima Beans in the Dip?


We’ve mentioned serving a few dishes along with horseradish lately, so I thought I’d show you how to make it, from the dirt to the table! Horseradish has a very clean, hot flavor, that is intense but fades quickly. It’s a great compliment for salmon cakes or roast beef!

Growing Horseradish

That horseradish is almost as tall as my kids!

Horseradish is ridiculously easy to grow here in Portland, OR, and now is a good time to plant it! It grows as a perennial in zones 5-9, and can be grown as an annual elsewhere. If you are in a … Continue reading Horseradish

Probiotic Apple Chutney

Probiotic Apple Chutney with Yogurt

Probiotic Apple Chutney with Yogurt

We’ve still got boxes of apples sitting around waiting for something good to happen to them. The sweeter and softer they get, the less appetizing they are. But all is not lost. Applesauce, Apple Butter, Apple Crisp, have been staples around here but now I’m trying something new! Apple chutney!

Wardeh over at GNOWFGLINS posted this 5-Spice Apple Chutney. I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand, but since I can’t follow a recipe without making it my own I thought I’d take it as inspiration and see what happens anyway. Here’s how I did … Continue reading Probiotic Apple Chutney

Apple Butter

One pint of apple butter

From a humble little apple to a divine indulgence.

Every once in a while, a really good deal comes through on Azure Standard. A couple of years ago, they cleaned out their freezers and sold organic, grass-fed beef and lamb for $2.50/lb as pet food. Tasted pretty good to me!

When I found #2 grade organic juicing apples for $10 for a 20 lb box, I was intrigued. That $0.50/lb is a better price than the $0.75/lb I was paying for #1 grade eating apples. So I figured I may as well order some and see what happened.

When … Continue reading Apple Butter

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