Homemade Chapstick vs. Hamburger Fat

The wax is melted.

The wax is melted.

Kid1 is our 13 year old daughter, and she’s going to start guest blogging when the mood strikes her! We hope you enjoy her first post:

I started thinking about chapstick when I ate a hamburger and got tallow on my lips. It made my lips feel so soft. (But I wouldn’t want to walk around with a bunch of tallow in my pocket…) The reason we don’t use other chapstick that you get at the store is because it has a bunch of artificial flavoring and coloring. (Chemicals!) I made some homemade chapstick and it … Continue reading Homemade Chapstick vs. Hamburger Fat

Audio: Starlene Interviewed Me About GAPS!



Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey has an ongoing blog talk radio show where she interviews people who have been doing the GAPS diet for at least six months. She’s even interviewed Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, herself!

Starlene and I talked about about our family’s experience of the GAPS diet, and we got into discussing gluten and celiac as well, of course! If the audio doesn’t load, listen here.

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GAPS Guide – A helpful resource

Bookmark on Delicious … Continue reading Audio: Starlene Interviewed Me About GAPS!

Easter Bunny Blues

Easter Bunnies!

Easter Bunnies!

Easter is coming up. The religious aspect of this holiday meal isn’t generally a problem for people with special diets. While there are some traditional Easter dishes, to be sure, Christian traditions that I know of don’t require you to eat them. But like other holidays where a special meal is expected, there are logistics and emotions to deal with.

The hardest part of Easter for most people with kids on special diets is all that candy, and the fun events built around it!

The Easter Basket

This is the easiest part of the onslaught to deal with, … Continue reading Easter Bunny Blues

Mainstream Dietitian Vs. GAPS Diet

Kid1 with kids her age and younger

Our daughter is tiny. Over and over again, we’ve heard people say how their kids are so super small, only to find out their kids are 3 years younger than our daughter and bigger than she is! Other than being small, she seems happy, coordinated, and active. She never had abnormal test results of any kind. She was just small.

Kid1 with kids her age and younger. This was a couple years ago – the difference is even more pronounced now.

Around the time we decided to change our diet, we started to see a pediatric endocrinologist. Kid1 was tested … Continue reading Mainstream Dietitian Vs. GAPS Diet

Andrew of Gluten Free Recipes for Celiacs Interviewed Me!

Andrew Cordova

This week I did something I’ve never done before – I was interviewed! Andrew Cordova of the Gluten-Free Recipes for Celiacs Facebook page and I met after I posted some recipes on his page. He was interested in a consultation, and we struck up a friendship.

Andrew Cordova

He’s a great guy! Andrew started posting recipes with his friend Chelsea Jans back in Dec 2010. Chelsea was gluten-intolerant, and he wanted to be supportive and to learn all about gluten-free living. Back then he didn’t know the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease, but he found out pretty quickly!

Continue reading Andrew of Gluten Free Recipes for Celiacs Interviewed Me!

Empowering Kids on Special Diets Part 4: On Their Own

You can't keep them on a short leash forever

You can't keep them on a short leash forever

Keeping your kids safe when they have a special diet can seem like a full time job. It can be tempting to maintain tight control over their diet, and to never let them out of your sight. You never know when you might need to jump in front of a well-meaning friend, teacher, or even stranger who offers food, and you don’t want your child to make mistakes, or worse, cheat on the diet and get sick again.

But hovering over our kids and watching every morsel that goes into their … Continue reading Empowering Kids on Special Diets Part 4: On Their Own

Empowering Kids Part 3: Make it Easy

Kid2 gets his own eggs

Kid2 gets his own eggs

Remember, these are the things we are hoping to give our kids so they can successfully adjust to their special diets:

Belief that their diet will keep them healthy or has the potential to make them feel better Knowledge of they need to do to stay safe and stick to the diet Control over what, when, and how they eat Bonus: Food they like to eat!

You’ve decided your kids need a special diet, you’ve talked it over with the whole family, and now it’s time to make it happen!

Safety First

If your children … Continue reading Empowering Kids Part 3: Make it Easy

Quick Update

Getting blood drawn for my celiac panel

Getting blood drawn

We’ll be back to blogging soon, I promise! I haven’t been able to string two thoughts together this week and TinyHands has been overloaded, thanks to the climactic end to my gluten challenge.

I got my blood drawn for testing on Thursday, and now I’m finally gluten-free again! I can feel my brain starting to clear up, but I think it’s going to be a while before I’m back to normal.

Kid2's GAPS Legal Birthday Cake

So… what have we got in store for you? Some exciting stuff! We’ll show you how to cook beef tongue, how … Continue reading Quick Update

Empowering Kids Part 2: A Fresh Start

A happy, relaxed moment is a good time to talk with your kids

Once you’ve decided your kids need a special diet, it’s time to win them over! The first step to getting your kids on board is to get yourself on board.

Note: One important aspect of preparing for a special diet is to get the adults in the family on the same page. In our case this didn’t mean just TinyHands and me – we also needed to involve the children’s dad, who we share parenting time with. While special diets can be carried out without everyone’s participation, it makes it much easier if all the adults agree on the basics. … Continue reading Empowering Kids Part 2: A Fresh Start

Empowering Kids On Special Diets

Kid1 gets a Pickle

Kid1 Gets a Pickle

When your kid needs a special diet the last thing you want to do is spend every mealtime enforcing it. Making feeding the kids into a constant power struggle is a recipe for wasted food, cranky kids, miserable parents, and future eating disorders.

Even if you manage to enforce a diet on your child, the minute they are out of sight you may find they “cheat.” In the long term, tight control over your child’s diet is not going to work. So what do you do instead?

Some might call it manipulation or brainwashing, but I … Continue reading Empowering Kids On Special Diets

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