A Day in the Life: Then & Now

Mama's Shoes

Wow! I just came across an old guest post I did for Millie over at Real Food for Less Money | Homespun Oasis for her day-in-the-life series, Someone Else’s Shoes.

Things sure have settled down around here since then. Since I feel like that post set an unsustainable standard, I thought I’d go ahead and answer her questions again so you can see the difference.

We don’t have farm animals any more and I’m not working much outside the home. We’ve moved closer to TinyHands’s job and reduced our housing expense. I’m feeling a lot more focused and less pressured!

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Eating Grain-Free for Less

Grain-Free Meal Plans from Health Home Happy

Grain-Free, real food diets aren’t cheap. In fact, we’ve tripled our food budget over the past 3 years.

Some of that is due to the fact that our picky eater started eating, and both the kids are teens now. Some of that is we have less time to shop and plan, so we’re not getting some of the deals we used to get. But a big part of it is that grains and starches are cheap, while high quality, organic meats, fruits, and vegetables are not.

I’ve compiled our best tips for saving money on the food you’ve prioritized. … Continue reading Eating Grain-Free & GAPS for Less

The Big Lie: Money Can't Buy...

You Need A Budget

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy real food, which is pretty much the same thing. Find out how we handled tripling our budget for the best food money can buy!
One of the biggest challenges of real food is the sticker shock. $15/gallon for milk? $7/dozen for eggs? $8/lb for ground beef? It’s enough to send most budget-conscious people running back to the bread isle and factory farmed meat.
Don’t compare what you spend on real food to what someone else spends on the cheapest SAD poison they can find! Instead, recalibrate your sense of what food really costs, and cut back in other areas. … Continue reading The Big Lie: Money Can’t Buy…

Goodbye, Chickens

Fresh, homegrown eggs

Keeping chickens is practically a real-foodie-requirement in these parts. As a permaculture enthusiast and avid gardener I’d always wanted chickens, so when I finally had the right yard and got around to converting part of our garage to a coop, we brought home a dozen or so.

Fresh, homegrown eggs

We loved so many things about having our own chickens. Being able to control what feed they got became important when we realized I did best with eggs from soy and corn-free hens. Most of our kitchen scraps and yard debris went to our hens, definitely a higher use … Continue reading Goodbye, Chickens

Transforming Leftovers: Beef Pot Pie Filling

Leftover Beef Pot Pie with Cranberry Sauce

I may not be able to follow a recipe to save my life, but transforming leftovers into something totally new is a special talent of mine. When the family saw what I was about to turn into lunch I heard groans and moans.

Leftover Beef Pot Pie with Cranberry Sauce

about a third of a cooked steak with about 1/4 cup caramelized onions and a few slices of mushrooms soup bones that were turning to powder and the meat and soft tissues that had come off them while making the stock – amounting to about a cup of meat. … Continue reading Transforming Leftovers: Beef Pot Pie Filling

Soft & Cozy Non-toxic Dryer Sachet Giveaway

Herbal Dryer Sachets from Soft and Cozy

Herbal Dryer Sachets from Soft and Cozy

For years now I’ve watched Jasie stitch together these sweet dryer sachets from vintage fabrics at the Oregon Homeschoolers’ Chautauqua.

Little did I know, she had a whole etsy store full of non-toxic, handmade products. Well, the secret is out and I want to share her dryer sachets with you!

I hope you’ll enter to win, then scroll down and read more! We’ll tell you why we love Soft & Cozy, and why it’s so important to use naturally scented products! … Continue reading Soft & Cozy Non-toxic Dryer Sachet Giveaway

Cost-Benefit Analysis & Troubleshooting: Do You No 'Poo

TinyHands's Hair, Just Washed

I would like to preface this post by saying that I am not an Earth Mama. I don’t own any hemp. I don’t use essential oils as perfume. I pay for haircuts. I say this not to disparage Earth Mamas, who are some of my favorite people, but to make it clear that you don’t have to be an Earth Mama to cut the nasty chemicals out of your life and save money doing it!

TinyHands’s Hair, Just Washed

We went completely fragrance free two years ago when I purchased a bottle of Earth Science Shampoo, Fragrance Free 12 oz. … Continue reading Cost-Benefit Analysis & Troubleshooting: Do You No ‘Poo

Poor Man's Salad Spinner

Spinning salad in a pillowcase

I hate soggy lettuce, but could never justify spending the money on or losing cabinet space to a salad spinner. Instead, I sort of shook it dry into the sink after washing and just sort of dealt with soggy lettuce.

Things changed, though, when reading through my copy of Nourishing Traditions. Sally Fallon recommends putting your greens in a pillowcase and running them through the spin cycle on your washing machine. I thought it kind of odd to use all that electricity on a few greens when I have a decent source of free labor perfectly capable of whirling a … Continue reading Poor Man’s Salad Spinner

A Day In My Shoes

My shoes

My shoes

My friend, Millie, over at Real Food For Less Money has a great series, Someone Else’s Shoes, where she interviews other real food bloggers about a day in their lives. I’m honored to have been a part of it!

I hope you will go on over to Real Food for Less Money and check out what it’s like to spend a day in my shoes as a GAPS style, landscaper, blogger, wellness coach, self-employed, homeschooling mom!

I’d also love it if you would comment and let me know what a day in YOUR life is like!

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Time is Money

Our friend Angela at Salt of the Earth Urban Farm recently posted on Facebook about ways to trim fat from an already lean budget. She got a lot of really good responses, from thrifting to making your own laundry soap to offer to barter services for food at the farmer’s market. These are all things I’ve thought about doing, as our own budget has gotten leaner and leaner and leaner over the past few years while the cost of living and gone up and up and up.

But the problem with things that save money is that they very nearly … Continue reading Time is Money

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