Halloween on a Special Diet

Photos at the pumpkin patch

It’s that time again – another holiday that seems to be entirely focused on CANDY!!! A lot of the same tricks that got us through Easter will help us enjoy Halloween, but it does come with its own special challenge: Trick-or-Treating!

Is the Candy Safe?

Photos at the pumpkin patch

The first thing to decide is whether or not your kids are going to eat the candy. If you are mostly concerned about gluten or a particular allergen, there are lists available telling which candies are safe. Here is one from Celiac Family that lists gluten-free Halloween candy that may … Continue reading Halloween on a Special Diet

Heirloom Apples

Each plate holds a different type of apple! There were at least 3 times as many tables as this!

Each plate holds a different type of apple! There were at least 3 times as many tables as this!

Nothing says “Fall” like the crunch of a fresh apple, the smell of apple butter simmering in the crock pot, or a glass of fresh pressed apple cider. But did you know that the apple flavors and textures we are used to only represent a fraction of the variety to be found? You can taste 200 of them at the 6th Annual Apple Festival in Venersborg, WA this Sunday, October 28th, 2012! (scroll down for details)

I remember growing up … Continue reading Heirloom Apples from Friendly Have Rise Farm

Wedding Update

Here we are, just before the wedding

Here we are, just before the wedding

I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as we did! I had hoped to blog a bit more, but lots of things got in the way. We kicked things off by getting married. TinyHands and I had a potluck wedding in our back yard. After 6 years together, we finally made it as official as we can.

Even though a million little things went wrong, we had a great time and it was one of the happiest days of my life. Amazingly, not only did we manage to eat dinner (and … Continue reading Wedding Update

Our Wedding is Coming Up

Self Portrait on the beach the day we got engaged

Self Portrait on the Beach

In case you wondered, we haven’t stopped blogging! Our wedding is this Saturday, and we’re expecting well over 100 people at our house! TinyHands and I have been together nearly 6 years, and got engaged 2 years ago at our annual family vacation to the Oregon Homeschoolers’ Chautauqua. We’re finally having a ceremony and a big party to celebrate our commitment!

Of course we decided that meant we had to paint the kitchen and bathroom and clean up the yard. On top of that, it’s summer. Since I’m a landscape contractor, I’ve been busy … Continue reading Our Wedding is Coming Up

Guess What? It Gets Harder

Out in the yard with homemade kombucha

Just a personal note here today to say that if you are struggling with sticking to the diet you need to keep for health reasons, you’re not alone. Some days it’s easy, some days it’s harder. Summer party season is on and I’ve been so tempted! Winter holidays are full of temptations with all the focus on cookies, cakes, pies, and breads. On the face of it, summer would be easier for a strictly gluten-free GAPSter like me… after all, most things that go on the grill are naturally gluten-free and GAPS legal!

Out in the yard with homemade … Continue reading Guess What? It Gets Harder

Life-Threatening Allergies? Camp Blue Spruce is Safe! $50 Off, Too

Louise and Riley

Louise and Riley

Louise Tippens found out her son had life-threatening food allergies when he was 8 years old, after years of milder but miserable mystery reactions. Adjusting to going without eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and milk was no walk in the park, but they managed it. Riley got healthier and happier… and got used to the idea that some experiences just weren’t going to work out since they were too dangerous. Sleepaway camp was one of those things that didn’t seem possible.

Louise had always been clear that she wanted her son to be able to live a normal … Continue reading Life-Threatening Allergies? Camp Blue Spruce is Safe!

A Day In My Shoes

My shoes

My shoes

My friend, Millie, over at Real Food For Less Money has a great series, Someone Else’s Shoes, where she interviews other real food bloggers about a day in their lives. I’m honored to have been a part of it!

I hope you will go on over to Real Food for Less Money and check out what it’s like to spend a day in my shoes as a GAPS style, landscaper, blogger, wellness coach, self-employed, homeschooling mom!

I’d also love it if you would comment and let me know what a day in YOUR life is like!

Bookmark … Continue reading A Day In My Shoes

GAPS Q&A at the Clark County WAPF Recap

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Last night I joined 3 other experienced GAPSters on the panel at the Clark County, Washington Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) meeting. Since folks asked, I thought I’d give everyone a little recap with added information and a booklist!

There was also a Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil tasting bar and potluck. Yum!

If you were at the meeting and would like to add the stuff I forgot to the comments, provide pictures, or post the recipes to the treats you shared, I’d love that!

The Panel

Teri of Grain Free Foodies blog (Grain Free Foodies on facebook). She … Continue reading GAPS Q&A at the Clark County WAPF Recap

Curvy is Hot, Skinny is Not

So she's sexy - that doesn't mean she's better than me

It wasn’t the worst example of misguided body positivity I’ve seen, but CHEESESLAVE’s Bottoms Up To the Hourglass – Why Thin is Not Traditional post last night slapped me across the face and pissed me off. I want the real food community to do better. The message was clear, and it’s one that goes around under the guise of body-positivity on a regular basis:

Curvy is hot, skinny is not.

So she’s sexy – that doesn’t mean she’s better than me

“We must, we must, we must increase our bust. It didn’t work for Margaret, but I tried it anyway. … Continue reading Curvy is Hot, Skinny is Not

Can You Eat That?

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Mama with some home-canned goodness

When your friends finally start to figure out that you really are serious about your crazy diet, this is a question you’re likely to hear a lot: “Can you eat that?” Usually, the answer seems to be “No.”

This is emotionally wearing for most people, especially rebellious types like me! Instead, I’ve started saying “Yes” to myself. This act of giving myself permission to eat whatever I want frees me to make the best choice. Yes, I can eat that. But do I want to?


Last week TinyHands and I were standing in the … Continue reading Can You Eat That?

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