Freezing Raspberries

Fresh raspberries - don't stack them too deep!

Fresh raspberries – don't stack them too deep!

Growing up in Portland, my mom often made me angel food cake with strawberries or raspberries on top for my June 30th birthday! The few years where the raspberries haven’t been on yet for my birthday have been a big disappointment. This year, however, they are producing like mad and have been for weeks!

The house I lived for 10 years had a great raspberry patch the kids grew up climbing through. Leaving that bush was one of the hardest things about moving. I promised the kids that when we had … Continue reading Freezing Raspberries

Introducing: Real Food and Gluten Free Ryan Gosling

Gluten Free Ryan Gosling

We’ve been enjoying the “Hey girl.” meme for quite a while. Ryan is just so dreamy when he talks library cards, feminism, homebirth, and homeschooling to us. But something was missing. Say hello to Real Food Ryan Gosling and Gluten Free Ryan Gosling.

Here’s a sample – click the images to the tumblr feeds! If you have ideas for more, let us know and we’ll try and work them in 🙂

This post is part of Freaky Friday, Fight Back Friday, Sunday School, Seasonal Celebration Sunday, Monday Mania, , Make Your Own Monday, Make Ahead Monday, Made From … Continue reading Introducing: Real Food and Gluten Free Ryan Gosling

Bulk Buying Savings: Beef

Cow and calf.

Buying the Beef

Grassfed cows get to live a natural life.

It’s a high priority for our family to eat pasture raised beef for lots of reasons. We believe in the humane treatment of animals, being as low impact as possible, and that grassfed beef is more nutritious. But store prices put it out of financial reach. We started buying beef in bulk a quarter of a cow at a time due to limited freezer space. Buying that much meat at a time worked out pretty well for a while, until the kids got less picky and started putting it … Continue reading Bulk Buying Savings: Beef

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