Crazy Diet People, Part One

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Mama with some home-canned goodness

Way back when, I had a vegan husband. He wasn’t just any vegan, he was one of those vegans who actually didn’t own a piece of leather, avoided drinking beer, and wouldn’t use china because of the bone in it. I learned to cook vegan, pack food to other people’s houses, and make polite excuses for his unconventional diet. When we got divorced, one of my favorite things was not having to explain. I relished being able to accept an invitation to a friend’s house for dinner without asking for special accommodations or packing a … Continue reading Crazy Diet People, Part One

Crazy Diet People, Part 2

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

But maybe our diet is kind of crazy, just like any diet that bucks the Standard American Diet (SAD) seems kind of crazy to people who haven’t stepped back and really thought about it. It takes more thought, preparation, and sometimes money to find, buy, and prepare quality food. In our convenience-oriented culture, putting this much energy into our diet is far from normal.Continue reading Crazy Diet People, Part 2

Crazy Diet People, Part 3

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Mama with some home-canned goodness

No matter what your special diet is, it will take some doing to stick to it. I don’t even think about our diet much when I’m at home, because we’ve set ourselves up for success. The whole family is cooperating, the foods we can eat are easy to get to, and the foods we can’t eat right now are out of sight and out of mind.

But it gets a lot harder when I go out with friends and everyone is sharing appetizers I can’t have, or when we’re invited to dinner and know that … Continue reading Crazy Diet People, Part 3

Mother Guilt

Kid2 emerges from a pile of driftwood. This is how I like to see him best – climbing around outside!

Last week Kid2 got glutened. I almost didn’t want to believe it, but it was plain as day. He had the bone pain, fatigue, and stomach ache with the nastiness that goes with it for three days. No one else was sick at all. Detective work commenced. It either happened on the last day of his OMSI Bridges camp, (touching all the same stuff as the other kids and using glue) or when his friends stayed the night and he … Continue reading Mother Guilt


Chocolate chips! (Image from spoonlighting)

When our family started the GAPS diet, we had the best of intentions. We cleaned from top to bottom getting rid of all gluten, and then we got rid of everything we could think of that didn’t fit with our diet.

Chocolate chips! (Image from spoonlighting)

Somehow a little bag of organic, gluten-free, lactose-free chocolate chips escaped this process. They were off limits because of the sugar. TinyHands probably kept them because once you’ve been on the GAPS diet for a good long while you are supposed to be able to occasionally have an off limits food (not gluten, though!). … Continue reading Confession

Changes On GAPS

Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Mama with some home-canned goodness

I started the GAPS diet because our celiac son wasn’t 100% better just being gluten-free. Friends who had done it told us it would help, and reading about it, I did seem to have some of the GAPS issues, too. I didn’t think it could hurt, but didn’t expect any improvement over my previous normal state, either. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Over the years I’d accumulated a number of annoying health issues. None of them seemed all that serious. When I asked my doctor about them they’d run a few tests … Continue reading Changes On GAPS

The Holidays

With the winter holidays come the feasts. When you are on a special diet that can be awkward and emotional. Here are some tips for actually enjoying your holiday meals:

Focus on Family, Friends, and Faith

An impromptu piano recital and sing-a-long was a highlight of our Thanksgiving dinner. Mom even broke out the accordian!

Remember what’s most important about the holidays… getting to see the people you love, spending time with them, and expressing your faith. While food is traditionally a big part of all three of these things for many people, it doesn’t have to continue to be … Continue reading The Holidays

The Gluten Challenge

I’ll be updating this page as my challenge progresses. Get ready for TMI!!! Our whole family went gluten-free just over a year ago. At the time, it seemed like a good idea just to give it a try and see how it went. What we didn’t know was that we’d eventually want to be tested for celiac disease, and those tests are only reliable when you have been eating a diet high in gluten for about 3 months.

We found out about the testing early on and decided to get our daughter tested. Her brother obviously had to be 100% … Continue reading The Gluten Challenge

Weight Loss is Not the Answer

School lunches photo courtesy of The New York Times

Being fat is not the health scourge. It is, however, easy to measure. While there are some correlations between obesity and health, size is not the full measure of fitness. Plenty of skinny people suffer health problems from the very same root causes that make other people fat. Scapegoating the people who are fat and holding them out as the example of what’s wrong with the USA is not only false but also unkind and damaging to real people who are complex human beings with value. … Continue reading Weight Loss is Not the Answer

New Year's Resolutions or Recognitions?

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Mama with some home-canned goodness

Think on the word for a minute: resolve. It’s a rigid word, and implies finality, conclusion, force of will. But our New Year’s resolutions, at their core, are about the better person we hope to be.

Making sustainable changes to how we live and who we are is not about having all the answers settled and a will of steel. Instead, it’s about recognizing the patterns in our lives, and rewriting them.

It’s a cliche that New Year’s resolutions never stick, and with good reason. We imagine feeling better, looking better, having more time and … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions or Recognitions?

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