Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing

Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing at The Liberated Kitchen

I used to love to eat at Red Robin. Every burger comes with bottomless steak fries and your choice of a myriad of dipping sauces. I always went with their honey mustard poppy seed dressing. Tangy, sweet, and creamy combined with greasy and salty? Oh, man. Let’s not talk about the ingredients in that honey mustard salad dressing except to say that it is chemical sludge. Delicious, delicious chemical sludge with hundreds of unpronounceable ingredients. And I missed every one of them. Excuse me while I wipe a little drool off my chin…

I’ve been working on my Real Food … Continue reading Honey Mustard Poppy Seed Dressing

Poor Man's Salad Spinner

Spinning salad in a pillowcase

I hate soggy lettuce, but could never justify spending the money on or losing cabinet space to a salad spinner. Instead, I sort of shook it dry into the sink after washing and just sort of dealt with soggy lettuce.

Things changed, though, when reading through my copy of Nourishing Traditions. Sally Fallon recommends putting your greens in a pillowcase and running them through the spin cycle on your washing machine. I thought it kind of odd to use all that electricity on a few greens when I have a decent source of free labor perfectly capable of whirling a … Continue reading Poor Man’s Salad Spinner

The Weight of the Nation, Part 2: Choices - Shame & Stress

What are you letting your fat hold you back from?

I’ve been watching and reviewing each part of the new HBO/NIH series The Weight of The Nation. Episode two focused on “Choices,” presumably the choices we make as individuals to get fat or skinny.

Now, you all know I have a huge problem with setting it up that way. Turns out, so does HBO. They just don’t realize it. The cognitive dissonance in this episode amazed me.

Since I have so much to say on this one, I’m breaking it into three parts. This one is about shame, stress, and mindfulness.


I hurt when I hear the stories. … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation, Part 2: Choices – Shame & Stress

GAPS Q&A at the Clark County WAPF Recap

Mama at The Liberated Kitchen

Last night I joined 3 other experienced GAPSters on the panel at the Clark County, Washington Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) meeting. Since folks asked, I thought I’d give everyone a little recap with added information and a booklist!

There was also a Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil tasting bar and potluck. Yum!

If you were at the meeting and would like to add the stuff I forgot to the comments, provide pictures, or post the recipes to the treats you shared, I’d love that!

The Panel

Teri of Grain Free Foodies blog (Grain Free Foodies on facebook). She … Continue reading GAPS Q&A at the Clark County WAPF Recap

Favorite Gadget: Outlet Timer

Outlet Timer

One of the biggest challenges of preparing all this real food is remembering to deal with the food we’ve started preparing. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets that helps solve this problem is a simple mechanical outlet timer. You set the time with a dial, then push the tabs down to choose when it will run. Then you plug your appliance into it.

Outlet Timer

I hate listening to the food dehydrator, so when making crispy nuts I get all my soaked nuts in the dehydrator and plug it in. Then I set it to start running about the time … Continue reading Favorite Gadget: Outlet Timer

The Weight of the Nation: Part One, Consequences

Changes in percent of total fat consumed, by food groups, by 10-year-old children in the Bogalusa Heart Study during 1973–1994 vs. 1992–1994.

I decided to watch the HBO/NIH series The Weight of the Nation despite being very put off by the lead up to it. With so many people sure to watch, I wanted to know what it was all about, not just go off my first impression. Here’s my review of the first episode.


The first obvious problem is the title: “Consequences.” Consequences of what? Oh yeah, “Obesity and Overweight.” When you get into the meat of the series, you learn that the many health problems they’ve tied together under the shadow of a fat person ready to squash the … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation: Part One, Consequences

The Weight of the Nation

To win, we have to lose? Really, HBO?

I started watching the HBO/NIH series “The Weight of the Nation” expecting to absolutely hate it. The interviews I’d heard about it on NPR have repeated fallacies about fat that always get me going.

To win, we have to lose? Really, HBO?

First is the notion that the problem is based in people who don’t exercise enough for their portion sizes. While they did mention that the fact that lots of the “food” out there is junk, they keep saying the calories are the problem, that all calories are the same, and that if we could just get people to … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation

Lima Beans in the Dip?

Garlic Rosemary Lima Bean Dip

I knew I’d have some extra kids around yesterday so I decided to make bean dip. Carrots, celery, and beans are a cheap way to feed kids! Usually I’d have dried tomatoes or pesto to put in, but we’ve run out until tomatoes and basil are back in season. This time I had to make do with less exciting ingredients. I’m happy to say my lima bean hating friend ate some happily, and said I can tell you all she’d have never guessed it was made of the dreaded lima beans. The kids were not discerning. I have no idea … Continue reading Lima Beans in the Dip?

Soaking Beans

Dried lima beans on the left, soaked and cooked on the right

Dried lima beans on the left, soaked and cooked on the right

If you’re going to be eating beans, you’ve got to soak them first! There are lots of reasons to soak.

First off, beans are dirty. Washing them and soaking them mechanically cleans them. Next, beans are starchy and have oligosaccharides. People can’t break down these kinds of sugars. Instead the bacteria in the gut do the job, and they create gas while they’re at it. When you soak beans, the oligosaccharides leach into the water, making them more digestible. Beans also contain antinutrients like phytic acid, protease inhibitors, … Continue reading Soaking Beans

Time is Money

Our friend Angela at Salt of the Earth Urban Farm recently posted on Facebook about ways to trim fat from an already lean budget. She got a lot of really good responses, from thrifting to making your own laundry soap to offer to barter services for food at the farmer’s market. These are all things I’ve thought about doing, as our own budget has gotten leaner and leaner and leaner over the past few years while the cost of living and gone up and up and up.

But the problem with things that save money is that they very nearly … Continue reading Time is Money

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