A Day in the Life: Then & Now

Mama's Shoes

Wow! I just came across an old guest post I did for Millie over at Real Food for Less Money | Homespun Oasis for her day-in-the-life series, Someone Else’s Shoes.

Things sure have settled down around here since then. Since I feel like that post set an unsustainable standard, I thought I’d go ahead and answer her questions again so you can see the difference.

We don’t have farm animals any more and I’m not working much outside the home. We’ve moved closer to TinyHands’s job and reduced our housing expense. I’m feeling a lot more focused and less pressured!

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Chicken Broth & Stock

Making Stock

Stock and broth are ridiculously easy to make yourself. Stock and broth are healing foods, full of health benefits for the gut, your joints, and your whole body. They also form the foundation for soups, and add flavor to just about any savory dish.

You can make your stock in a stainless steel stock pot or a slow cooker. We choose based on what meals are coming up. I prefer to make it in the stock pot, because our big one holds 16 quarts, while our biggest crock pot holds a little under 8 quarts. If you are concerned about … Continue reading Chicken Broth & Stock

Step By Step Paleo

Step By Step Paleo Preview

So… maybe making all your changes in one fell swoop by going 100% gluten free and doing the GAPS intro like we did isn’t for you.

If you still want to get into healthy, whole foods from good sources and get away from sugar, grains, gluten, and factory farmed meats, Ruth’s weekly emails might be just what you need.

Step By Step Paleo Preview

Step By Step Paleo breaks down exactly how to get away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) one week at a time. You’ll learn WHY it’s ok to eat fat, how to source good meat … Continue reading Step By Step Paleo

My Papa's Miraculous Recovery

My papa surrounded by kids, full of energy

My 60 year old papa lives as a full time missionary in Jamaica. This summer he suddenly got very sick with a mystery ailment that brought him back to the states for a couple months while he tried to figure out what was wrong and how to heal.

My papa surrounded by kids, full of energy

The vibrant, charismatic, physically active man who loved to walk the streets for miles and show off his martial arts skills was gone. He could barely move, had trouble staying awake or asleep, and was in constant, intense pain. After being tested for everything … Continue reading My Papa’s Miraculous Recovery

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

A New IBS Solution

By now you know all about how important it is to have a healthy balance of gut flora. But what you may not know is that all that life needs to be in the right place! It’s not enough to have good bacteria thriving in there… it needs to be where it belongs, and your small intestine is not it. Several underlying problems work together or alone to create the conditions for SIBO. A few of the red flags that can point to SIBO include unexplained anemia (low ferritin), constipation that gets worse with fiber in the diet, and celiac patients that don’t feel better (or even get worse) even though they are 100% gluten-free, and the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. … Continue reading Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crispy Herbed Turkey with Brussels Sprouts

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I was growing up I remember it as the holiday I got to spend with all the cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Since she is the oldest of 8 kids and most of her siblings had kids, too, there were a lot of us cousins. We didn’t celebrate other holidays with the extended family, so this was the big one!

Crispy Herbed Turkey with Brussels Sprouts

I barely remember the dinners themselves, though I’m sure my mom and her sisters outdid themselves year after year. What I remember the … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Cost-Benefit Analysis & Troubleshooting: Do You No 'Poo

TinyHands's Hair, Just Washed

I would like to preface this post by saying that I am not an Earth Mama. I don’t own any hemp. I don’t use essential oils as perfume. I pay for haircuts. I say this not to disparage Earth Mamas, who are some of my favorite people, but to make it clear that you don’t have to be an Earth Mama to cut the nasty chemicals out of your life and save money doing it!

TinyHands’s Hair, Just Washed

We went completely fragrance free two years ago when I purchased a bottle of Earth Science Shampoo, Fragrance Free 12 oz. … Continue reading Cost-Benefit Analysis & Troubleshooting: Do You No ‘Poo

Fermented Dragon Tongue Beans

This Fido full of beans is ready for a dark cupboard! The purple will fade and the liquid will turn pink!

This Fido full of beans is ready for a dark cupboard! The purple will fade and the liquid will turn pink!

Just about any vegetable can be lactofermented! This nothing to do with milk, although some people do like to kickstart their vegetable ferments with whey (here’s why we don’t). Instead, it’s all about the lactobacillus bacteria, which convert the sugars into lactic acid. The salt used in the brine makes an environment that’s inhospitable to other bacteria, the vessel you use keeps air and contaminants out, and the acid created by the lactobacillus preserves the food, creating pickles!

Fermented … Continue reading Fermented Dragon Tongue Beans

Roasted Garlic

Sweet, soft roasted garlic

Sweet, soft roasted garlic

Have you roasted garlic? It’s really easy, and the long, slow cooking mellows the flavor.

This year we grew a whole lot of garlic, some of it elephant garlic. But the elephant garlic was really strong, with a bitter note. The cloves were also so big that I ended up not wanting to use each clove all at once. Then I’d be left with an unpeeled, half-used clove. So I decided to roast it!

Prepping the Garlic

I’ve had fun using the roasted garlic in other recipes, blending them into soups, mixing them in with ground … Continue reading Roasted Garlic

Our Wedding is Coming Up

Self Portrait on the beach the day we got engaged

Self Portrait on the Beach

In case you wondered, we haven’t stopped blogging! Our wedding is this Saturday, and we’re expecting well over 100 people at our house! TinyHands and I have been together nearly 6 years, and got engaged 2 years ago at our annual family vacation to the Oregon Homeschoolers’ Chautauqua. We’re finally having a ceremony and a big party to celebrate our commitment!

Of course we decided that meant we had to paint the kitchen and bathroom and clean up the yard. On top of that, it’s summer. Since I’m a landscape contractor, I’ve been busy … Continue reading Our Wedding is Coming Up

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