Gluten Sensitivity - No Such Thing!!!


Gluten-Sensitive Mama

By now you’ve seen the headlines. “Unless You Have Celiac Disease Gluten Sensitivity is Probably Just in Your Head” from PBS and “Researchers Who Provided Key Evidence For Gluten Sensitivity Have Thoroughly Shown That It Doesn’t Exist” from Business Insider were two of the most sensational and most-shared on my facebook feed.

So, is there no such thing as gluten sensitivity after all? Are all of us gluten-free non-celiacs just a bunch of hypochondriacs?

I thought I’d take a look at the study itself before I made up my mind. You’re going to have to purchase the … Continue reading Gluten Sensitivity – No Such Thing?!?

Life-Threatening Allergies? Camp Blue Spruce is Safe! $50 Off, Too

Louise and Riley

Louise and Riley

Louise Tippens found out her son had life-threatening food allergies when he was 8 years old, after years of milder but miserable mystery reactions. Adjusting to going without eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and milk was no walk in the park, but they managed it. Riley got healthier and happier… and got used to the idea that some experiences just weren’t going to work out since they were too dangerous. Sleepaway camp was one of those things that didn’t seem possible.

Louise had always been clear that she wanted her son to be able to live a normal … Continue reading Life-Threatening Allergies? Camp Blue Spruce is Safe!

The Weight of the Nation, Part 2: Choices - Shame & Stress

What are you letting your fat hold you back from?

I’ve been watching and reviewing each part of the new HBO/NIH series The Weight of The Nation. Episode two focused on “Choices,” presumably the choices we make as individuals to get fat or skinny.

Now, you all know I have a huge problem with setting it up that way. Turns out, so does HBO. They just don’t realize it. The cognitive dissonance in this episode amazed me.

Since I have so much to say on this one, I’m breaking it into three parts. This one is about shame, stress, and mindfulness.


I hurt when I hear the stories. … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation, Part 2: Choices – Shame & Stress

A Day In My Shoes

My shoes

My shoes

My friend, Millie, over at Real Food For Less Money has a great series, Someone Else’s Shoes, where she interviews other real food bloggers about a day in their lives. I’m honored to have been a part of it!

I hope you will go on over to Real Food for Less Money and check out what it’s like to spend a day in my shoes as a GAPS style, landscaper, blogger, wellness coach, self-employed, homeschooling mom!

I’d also love it if you would comment and let me know what a day in YOUR life is like!

Bookmark … Continue reading A Day In My Shoes

The Weight of the Nation: Part One, Consequences

Changes in percent of total fat consumed, by food groups, by 10-year-old children in the Bogalusa Heart Study during 1973–1994 vs. 1992–1994.

I decided to watch the HBO/NIH series The Weight of the Nation despite being very put off by the lead up to it. With so many people sure to watch, I wanted to know what it was all about, not just go off my first impression. Here’s my review of the first episode.


The first obvious problem is the title: “Consequences.” Consequences of what? Oh yeah, “Obesity and Overweight.” When you get into the meat of the series, you learn that the many health problems they’ve tied together under the shadow of a fat person ready to squash the … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation: Part One, Consequences

The Weight of the Nation

To win, we have to lose? Really, HBO?

I started watching the HBO/NIH series “The Weight of the Nation” expecting to absolutely hate it. The interviews I’d heard about it on NPR have repeated fallacies about fat that always get me going.

To win, we have to lose? Really, HBO?

First is the notion that the problem is based in people who don’t exercise enough for their portion sizes. While they did mention that the fact that lots of the “food” out there is junk, they keep saying the calories are the problem, that all calories are the same, and that if we could just get people to … Continue reading The Weight of the Nation

Menu Plans vs. Reality

Menu Plan

Menu Plan

I’ve never been much of a meal planner. Back before GAPS I’d just go to the garden or the market, pick whatever looked good, and figure out what to do with it about an hour before dinner. I had a few regular favorites for breakfast and lunch so I didn’t really worry about that. Every week or so I’d make up a big batch of something or other to enjoy variations of all week long, or a special treat I’d actually planned for. The kids complicated things, of course, but not too much. I just made what I … Continue reading Menu Plans vs. Reality

Top 10 Reasons to Eat Grains

Mama with some home-canned goodness

Lately people in the GAPS/Paleo/Real Food/WAPF world have been buzzing about how nearly everyone should eat grains. They say that once you “heal and seal” your gut, “properly prepared” grains will be worth eating.

People whose intolerances continue or who simply don’t want to take the risk of eating foods that have hurt them in the past are told over and over that they didn’t do their healing protocols correctly or give it enough time. Even more alarming, on the basis of a couple very small, short term studies and anecdotal evidence, celiacs are being told that if you just … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons to Eat Grains

Weight Loss is Not the Answer

School lunches photo courtesy of The New York Times

Being fat is not the health scourge. It is, however, easy to measure. While there are some correlations between obesity and health, size is not the full measure of fitness. Plenty of skinny people suffer health problems from the very same root causes that make other people fat. Scapegoating the people who are fat and holding them out as the example of what’s wrong with the USA is not only false but also unkind and damaging to real people who are complex human beings with value. … Continue reading Weight Loss is Not the Answer

The Inefficiency of Local Food

TinyHands harvests carrots from our garden.

Local food is near and dear to my heart. We’re kind of local food poster children, actually. We grow lots of veggies and raise our own chickens, rabbits, worms and eggs on our urban lot. We buy our beef, lamb, pork, duck, and extra chickens, eggs, fruits, veggies, and Christmas trees from local farmers. Those farmers are people we’ve met in person, and they are doing their best to produce food without the use of pesticides, hormones, or insecticides. They use more sustainable practices such as pasturing animals, letting land lie fallow, rotating crops, … Continue reading The Inefficiency of Local Food

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