Grateful GAPS Holiday Foods

Grateful GAPS Holiday Foods Blog Hop
The holidays are here and we’d love to compile a collection of all your favorite, GAPS-Legal foods for every fall and winter holiday we can think of. You can find all the links at the bottom of this page!

This blog hop is also hosted by Starlene at GAPS Diet Journey and Patty at Loving Our Guts. We are all thankful for GAPS, and I hope you will go to each of their pages to find out how GAPS has helped them!

Why I’m Grateful for GAPS

I’m thankful for the way the GAPS diet has opened our eyes to all the things that can be better for us. Before starting the GAPS protocol, each member of our family had things going on that we thought we just had to live with. I’d gotten used to a whole host of physical and mental issues which I now know are reduced or eliminated by the GAPS diet!

In the past, I’d already tried elimination diets in an attempt to help our son with his allergies, asthma, eczema, bone pain, joint pain, difficulty concentrating, dyslexia and more. But without a logical system of getting a real fresh start, I was never able to figure out which specific foods were problems, or how to help him heal. Going 100% gluten free and doing the GAPS intro made all the difference for us.

I’m also thankful for how GAPS brought us back to the highest quality foods and traditional preparation methods. Even though we almost never eat out any more, our regular meals taste better than what you get in most restaurants!

What is GAPS Friendly


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If you have an SCD or Paleo recipe, it is most likely GAPS Legal or can very easily be modified to fit into the GAPS diet! The short version is that GAPS legal recipes:
  • are all real food
  • are grain-free (even alternate grains like quinoa and amaranth are excluded)
  • are starchy veg free (no potatoes of any kind)
  • are sweetened by honey or fruit
  • only use aged cheeses such as parmesan, gouda, or cheddar, not fresh cheeses such as mozzarella or ricotta
  • adhere to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s principles.

Share Your Links!

If your recipe includes other ingredients which can be subbed with GAPS legal ingredients, please make a note of that in your recipe. If you’re unsure about a recipe, just ask! We’ll be more than glad to check it out and suggest modifications if needed.

Grateful GAPS Holiday Foods Blog Hop

Grateful GAPS Holiday Foods Blog Hop

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