Step By Step Paleo

So… maybe making all your changes in one fell swoop by going 100% gluten free and doing the GAPS intro like we did isn’t for you.

If you still want to get into healthy, whole foods from good sources and get away from sugar, grains, gluten, and factory farmed meats, Ruth’s weekly emails might be just what you need.

Step By Step Paleo breaks down exactly how to get away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) one week at a time. You’ll learn WHY it’s ok to eat fat, how to source good meat and veggies, and how to step away from the bread!

Each email has an attached pdf file you can print out or read online. They are clearly written, nice to look at, and give you easy to follow instructions on one topic. In under 3 months you’ll have made your changes and will be living the Paleo life!

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