Sauerkraut, Day 4

UPDATE: We have since changed our fermentation methods to anaerobic using a Harsch style crock and Fido jars. To read more about the whys and hows of anaerobic fermentation, check out Pickle Me Too’s post Pickl-It Jars, Are They Worth It?

We forgot to take a picture before digging in! Keep it in the fridge once it's ready.

I think Day 4 might be even more boring than Day 3. Check your kraut. Fix the water level if needed.

I’m going to leave you to your own fermenting devices now. Check your kraut daily. Good fermenting luck!

When it’s nice and sour, pour some in a smaller jar for easy access and keep them both in the fridge.

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  • Kathy Ellenberger

    I love sauerkraut, but haven’t been able to eat it for years because of the gas problem. Now I can hardly wait to make some! Thanks. Does it help to start with real fresh garden cabbage? Sometimes the stuff from the store looks old. But sometimes the ones out of the garden are really strong!

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