Sauerkraut, Day 2

UPDATE: We have since changed our fermentation methods to anaerobic using a Harsch style crock and Fido jars. To read more about the whys and hows of anaerobic fermentation, check out Pickle Me Too’s post Pickl-It Jars, Are They Worth It?

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I got up this morning and was just so excited to check on my kraut! It had been sitting on the counter since yesterday and I had pushed down hard on that mason jar every time I passed it. When I went to bed, the water level was almost to the top of the cabbage. I had high hopes that the cabbage would be well submerged by morning.

Well, my hopes were realized and more! The water had actually overflowed and now there was a lovely puddle of cabbage juice on my counter! *grumble grumble* I had forgotten to leave a towel under the jar in case of this event. *grumble grumble* Maybe I’ll remember the towel next time.

Kraut, Day 2

  1. You want the cabbage to be submerged, but not too submerged. You want about 1 cm of water over the cabbage with the weight jar in place. If there is too little cabbage juice, mix up a little brine (1 c water to 1 T salt or so) and add until the cabbage is just submerged. If there is too much cabbage juice, pour a little water out of the weight jar. Don’t pour off the cabbage juice, that’s where the good stuff is!

    Too much juice! Pour some water out of the pint mason jar.

  2. Prepare your fermenting area. It should be somewhere dark with a fairly constant temperature (around 60 degrees F or 16 degrees C). Basements and closets work well. The key is easy access, because you need to check every day or two and if you’re like me, you might not check on it if it’s a pain to get to. I use the kitchen cupboard above our fridge, but I’m thinking I might switch to a closet so I don’t neglect it like I did the last batch. Put a towel down where you will be setting your ferment in case of overflow.

    A nice cozy little cupboard to ferment in!

  3. Put your jar in your fermenting area, cover with a towel to slow down evaporation, put back all the junk that you took out of the cupboard to take a decent photo, and shut the door! That’s it for Day 2!

    I always feel like I'm tucking a little kid. Sleep tight! I'll see you in the morning!

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3 comments to Sauerkraut, Day 2

  • Great Post, I love sauerkraut and it is so simple to make. I like to put the fermenting jars in a glass pan (like a 9×13 baking pan) while fermenting – it helps catch the juice that sometimes leaks out.

  • I hope you post the rest of the days soon! Cabbage is dirt cheap at sprouts right now and I am really hoping to make some kraut soon! This will be my first time so I love the detailed instructions.

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