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Our bodies are basically bags of sea water sloshing around on dry land. Each of us is really just a little piece of the ocean trying to keep from drying up! To that end, we need water. So we drink water. We also need salt. So we eat salt.

But doctors and the nutrition establishment are telling us to limit our salt as much as possible. But the evidence they use to support their edicts is shaky, at best. Scientific American published an article a few weeks ago, It’s Time to End the War on Salt. Turns out, salt probably doesn’t cause high blood pressure and cutting out salt may actually raise blood pressure. And our kidneys do a really good job of maintaining the correct salt levels in our bodies.

We know that just mixing sodium chloride and water doesn’t make an ocean, though. Make sure you maintain the inorganic side of your internal ocean with salt that contains the same trace minerals found in sea water! When choosing table salt, go for a natural, unrefined sea salt like Redmond RealSalt or Celtic Sea Salt. It tastes better, so you’ll use less. Your internal ocean will thank you.

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