Our Wedding is Coming Up

Self Portrait on the beach the day we got engaged

Self Portrait on the Beach

In case you wondered, we haven’t stopped blogging! Our wedding is this Saturday, and we’re expecting well over 100 people at our house! TinyHands and I have been together nearly 6 years, and got engaged 2 years ago at our annual family vacation to the Oregon Homeschoolers’ Chautauqua. We’re finally having a ceremony and a big party to celebrate our commitment!

Of course we decided that meant we had to paint the kitchen and bathroom and clean up the yard. On top of that, it’s summer. Since I’m a landscape contractor, I’ve been busy with other people’s yards as well! Add the bounty of fresh produce that has got to be put up, and blogging has just fallen off the radar.

When the wedding and honeymoon are over, we’ll share some pictures and a report on how the food all came together for our big day!

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