My Papa's Miraculous Recovery

My 60 year old papa lives as a full time missionary in Jamaica. This summer he suddenly got very sick with a mystery ailment that brought him back to the states for a couple months while he tried to figure out what was wrong and how to heal.

My papa surrounded by kids, full of energy

My papa surrounded by kids, full of energy

The vibrant, charismatic, physically active man who loved to walk the streets for miles and show off his martial arts skills was gone. He could barely move, had trouble staying awake or asleep, and was in constant, intense pain. After being tested for everything imaginable, he got the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis.

He was told his only option was to take Enbrel, a powerful and dangerous immune suppressant, and loads of other drugs to help with his symptoms. Instead, he has healed tremendously with dietary changes a lot like ours!

Here is his story in his own words

I’ve added a few notes in brackets for clarity.

Mama’s Papa here…
…in July of 2012 I was bit by two ticks and after removing them I started to feel severe arthritic type of pains in my knees. This lasted a month, got progressively worse, and a month later I was reduced to a cripple. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t lay down, couldn’t get back up from either sitting or laying down, the pain was excruciating and extremely limiting, and the doctors offered me no hope whatsoever.

Furthermore, the doctors didn’t offer me any dietary change suggestions. Instead all they did was try to pump me up full of pills, one course of therapy to cost somewhere around $2,000 a month for life!!!…and they told me I’d be in a wheel chair in six months with terrible joint deformities as well as with joint damage only fixable by surgery.

Needless to say that was not good news to me but since I had plenty of time to sit around and read, I got on the web and started reading about diet and arthritis. Regardless of the source, there were some common denominators and I decided to radically change the way I ate.

I eliminated all wheat, dairy, sugar, processed foods, and meat. [He refers to red meat, here. In Jamaica the meat he has access to is goat which is fed on actual garbage. So he forgoes it. However, he eats things like fish and broth made from chicken feet.] I also got rid of night shade plants…so no potatoes, tomatoes, egg plants, peppers…and I included other important healing plants into my life: turmeric, ginger, guinea hen weed, bissy weed, omega three pills, salmon (hated it all my life. It’s a source of life for me now), and I also included drinking more water.

After a few months of such a regimen I started to get better. I also had acupuncture treatments regularly. [His acupuncturist gave him a set of needles and taught him some points. He continues to treat himself.] Presently, seven months later, I am 90% better, I still fight some pain, mostly in my hands and knees, but overall my improvement has been phenominal. I lost forty pounds, my heart is healthier…had a stint with a statin, atorvastatin and stopped it because it caused me to have a tendon tear and also to have swelling of the ankles…I’m mostly mobile, I’m getting better all the time, and most of my improvement, from my observation, has been primarily due to my dietary changes.

Sugar and dairy are major inflammation agents to be avoided at all costs if you have an inflammatory process. My inflammation was so bad they had never seen such high numbers. Believe me my body felt on fire.

I had to take pain medication for a few months. It was the only way to survive, but while taking the pain meds I changed my diet and once the new way of eating kicked in I was able to get off the pain medications. I never took the nasty “codones” they wanted to put me on, I was primarily on Naproxen and on Tylenol high strength…both of which caused terrible constipation for three months…but once I got off of them, my body returned to normal.

So there it is. I hope this encourages others to look into natural medicine, dietary changes, and a natural/normal approach to health. No need to be a fanatic about it, but when the choices are pain and misery versus stopping some foods for the obvious benefits, the answers are obvious. I followed the obvious and I’m here using all ten fingers to type this out. When I was sick there were many days when I could only type using one finger because all the others including the respective wrists were totally and absolutely too painful to even think of moving!!!

Bless up,
Mama’s Papa

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4 comments to My Papa’s Miraculous Recovery

  • Aly

    !!!!!! Amazing and wonderful success story! Congrats to Mama and her healthy papa. By the way the photo of him looks wonderful. !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! I’m so glad your Papa is feeling better, Mama! I wish my dad would do some research and find the same results as your dad did. Great testimonial, I’m going to share on Facebook.

  • I’m so proud of your Papa! And incredibly thankful he is doing better. I have PsA, spondylitis, and secondary Raynaud’s. I can relate to much of his story. Changing my diet changed my life. I just wish more people who suffer from autoimmune conditions such as ours would try this approach. It’s not a cure-all, but it does help tremendously.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us all, Papa. Hugs to you and yours!

  • Way to go! I’m another whose life has been changed by diet. For me it’s rheumatoid arthritis and the healing power of GAPS. Food is powerful.

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