Five Reasons You Should Hire a House Cleaner

There are TONS of good reasons to hire a house cleaner. Here are just five of them:

  1. You love the results, but not the process.
    Everyone likes having a clean house. But we don’t all love the cleaning part! By hiring a house cleaner, you get to skip the drudgery and go straight to the good stuff: clean toilets, counters, floors, cabinets, oh my!
  2. Upstairs, all organized

    With a clean home, you can finally finish those big organizing jobs!

  3. You’ll enjoy your home more.
    Is the first thing you notice when you come in your door an unmopped floor? An unwiped counter? A rug that needs vacuumed? It’s enough to drive you crazy! Your home can be a place to relax and enjoy time with your family, not a constant source of stress. No more frantic cleaning sprees before friends come over. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  4. It cuts down on clutter.
    Think about tackling a big project like cleaning out the junk drawer in your kitchen, going through the books on your bookshelf, or helping the kids tidy up a messy room. You start to take things out of the junk drawer to sort through it, but the counters are a mess. You pull some books off the shelf, but a cloud of dust gives you a sneezing fit. You sit down on the floor of your kid’s room, but it hasn’t been swept in weeks. A professional house cleaning gives you the base clean you need to complete these projects without getting overwhelmed by the grime! Still overwhelmed? You can hire us to take care of the organizing, too.
  5. You can have a fresh start every week/every two weeks/every month.
    Do you constantly feel like you can never get on top of the dirt? Like you’re treading water, but not getting anywhere in maintaining a clean house? A regular professional house cleaning sets you up for success.
  6. Kid2 at Camp Westwind

    Would you rather have a clean house or take your kids to the beach? You can have both!

  7. Most importantly: How much is your time worth?
    How much is stress free time with your kids and significant other worth? What about more time to pursue your personal interests? More sleep? Guilt free relaxation? Do you need more time to cook nourishing foods for your family? That time is certainly worth more than what you would pay a professional to clean your home. Even priceless!

Have I sold you on professional house cleaning yet? Do you live in the Portland Metro area? Give TinyHands a call at (360) 510-6121 or email to set up an initial consultation.

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