Favorite Gadget: Outlet Timer

One of the biggest challenges of preparing all this real food is remembering to deal with the food we’ve started preparing. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets that helps solve this problem is a simple mechanical outlet timer. You set the time with a dial, then push the tabs down to choose when it will run. Then you plug your appliance into it.

Outlet Timer

Outlet Timer

I hate listening to the food dehydrator, so when making crispy nuts I get all my soaked nuts in the dehydrator and plug it in. Then I set it to start running about the time I go to bed, and keep running through the night. If they aren’t done when I get up, I’ll set the outlet timer to stop running for a couple hours while I’m in the kitchen. Then I don’t have to worry about starting the dehydrator up again – the timer takes care of that!

For foods that will be ruined by dehydrating too long like beef jerky or fruit, I’ll set the timer to stop at about the time I think they’ll be done.

While one of our crock pots has a timer, the others do not. We can use the outlet timer with them, too. This cheap little gadget makes our older and less fancy appliances that much more useful. You can get fancy digital, programmable versions, or a 24 hour mechanical one like we have. Either way, the outlet timer is one of my favorite things!

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