GAPS Friendly Fridays #4



Thanks to all of you who participated in GAPS Friendly Fridayslast week!

I decided to create GAPS Friendly Fridays because, well, no one else is doing it and there are a lot of great GAPS, SCD, Paleo, and Real Food bloggers out there with GAPS legal recipes! You don’t have to be on the GAPS diet to participate, but recipes that you post should be GAPS Legal.

If you have an SCD or Paleo recipe, it very well may be GAPS Legal! The short version is that GAPS legal recipes are:

All real food – no pre-processed ingredients … Continue reading GAPS Friendly Fridays #4

Power Punch Flavor Packs

Power Punch Flavor Packs

Power Punch Flavor Packs

PPFPs (Power Punch Flavor Packs) were invented by me and my brother.

Note from Mama: These are STRONG! Eat at your own risk 😉


(makes one)

1 piece of Oxalis (AKA Sour Grass) with a long stem 1 Mint leaf 1 red Raspberry 1  small Stevia leaf Directions

First pick all the ingredients. When that’s done fold the stevia leaf (if necessary) and put it in the middle of the raspberry. Next roll the raspberry in the mint leaf. Then put down the sour grass so that the stem sticks up and put … Continue reading Power Punch Flavor Packs

Kid1's Cheese Roll-Ups

Yummy cheese roll-up

Yummy cheese roll-up

I like cheese roll-ups because they’re fun to make.

Cheese Roll-Ups Ingredients

2 eggs per person ghee or coconut oil aged cheese, (organic & raw if possible)


Mix up the eggs pretty good with a whisk or stand mixer. Put ghee in the pan and turn it up to medium. When the ghee is melted, pour about 1/4 cup of the eggs in the pan. Make it kind of like a pancake. Flip it once the top is kind of looking cooked. Once it’s in a crepey, pancakey form, put it on a plate and cover … Continue reading Kid1’s Cheese Roll-Ups

Homemade Chapstick vs. Hamburger Fat

The wax is melted.

The wax is melted.

Kid1 is our 13 year old daughter, and she’s going to start guest blogging when the mood strikes her! We hope you enjoy her first post:

I started thinking about chapstick when I ate a hamburger and got tallow on my lips. It made my lips feel so soft. (But I wouldn’t want to walk around with a bunch of tallow in my pocket…) The reason we don’t use other chapstick that you get at the store is because it has a bunch of artificial flavoring and coloring. (Chemicals!) I made some homemade chapstick and it … Continue reading Homemade Chapstick vs. Hamburger Fat

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